Monday, November 22, 2010

New poem

If the war is all you have

It was typical Wednesday business

down at the triage tent

they bled me ‘til I was stupid

then I ran for president

but I ended up a shepard

to a restless ewe and calf,

just another familiar dead end

if the war is all you have.

It was out there on the outskirts

of this hateful little town

they would roll the dice to decide

if I was a devil or a clown,

they’d ask me loaded questions,

I replied in the speech of bone

just another language picked up

if the war is all you’ve known.

I was the Pope of urban legends

more Vati-can’t than Vatican

all my enemies fit in one mirror

and when they said “stand still”, I ran

now all the guilty mascots

are driven off in a Mercedes-Benz

just driving on forever

if the war will have no end.


Brian Moreau

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