Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seeing things?

I worked in a plastic factory for many years. Sometimes I had to wear ear protection due to the specific job of the day being extra loud. I noticed something strange whenever I had to wear the ear protection...I would keep seeing movement behind me, as if there was a huge crowd moving behind me. It was really impossible for there to be anyone behind me, the machines went nearly all the way to the back wall and there were pipes, tubes and barrels filling in the tiny little space there was. Yet, I'd be working along with the "ear muffs" on and again I'd see movement out of the corner of my eye, a vast crowd milling about.

One night, I was working with them on and I happened to look up. For a split second, I saw what appeared to be a black man, lunging towards me. I jumped back in shock but as soon as I saw this apparition, it was gone.

I have no idea why I "saw" these things. Maybe by removing my sense of sound caused any psychic ability I might have to become stronger...or maybe not being able to hear causes the brain to get bored and make shit up. I really don't know.

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